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Examples of my Forex currency scalp trades.


Fixed Profit Objective – How To Keep Your Profits

Have you ever placed a trade, gain some pips, then watch all your pips disappear losing even more pips? Sound like you? How do you fix this problem? Fixed profit objective. When you enter a trade, have an amount of pips you are…


Here We Go Again, Not Another Broker!

I have been trading since October, 2007, and now I am faced with finding a new broker…again! What is it with forex brokers? I guess they are like traders, they come and go. I started out with GFT, Global Forex Trading. At the…


Trading and Gambling Compared

As a trader, has anyone ever commented to you that it sounds like gambling? I’ve had a few people ask me what the difference is, so let me summarize what I think about it. Let’s start with gambling. When you partake in any…

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