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Screenshot of My Trading Layout

I trade usually using a laptop but always on one screen. Here is a screenshot of my trading layout. Enjoy.


My Daily Process

Advancing in any endeavor requires processes or steps. Goals are important but I think the processes to achieve the goals are more important. When I prepare and plan for my day, I follow a process that leads to taking a trade. Here is…


Why Should You Journal Your Forex Currency Trades

I started trading in October 2007 and I have entered every Forex currency trade into a journal, give or take a few that I forgot to take screenshots of. (I still entered the trade details for those trades.) Journaling my trades is something…


Using Ninja Trader To Verify An FXCM Losing Trade

The other day I took an afternoon trade (Asian market) that quickly hit my stop, then reversed in the direction I thought the market was going. I was so angry because it seemed that my dealer, FXCM, had purposely stop hunted my trade.…


Trading Part Time Can Lead To Failure

I am convinced, based on my method of trading, that to be successful I need to trade full-time. The other day I started out with a losing trade but ended the day with some positive trades.Today, after a week and a half of…


Hang In There…Don’t Give Up

I’ve read and heard many traders describe their path to success. I download and listen to the Money Show’s Trader Talk Podcast with traders interviewed by Tim Bourquin. He interviews different traders about their experiences, and I glean something from each one, even…


Using NinjaTrader Simulation to Practice Forex Trading

Practice make perfect is the old cliche. Trading is a competitive activity like sports. Some great trading psychologists/coaches are former sports psychologists. So if both activities are related, how can we practice trading like the great athletes do before they compete in their…


Best Way To Review and Reflect Your Trades

Well, for the third time this year, I have broken many of my entry/exit rules and tried to force a trade that didn’t work. I am not writing this post to talk about my stubbornness, but to reveal one of the best ways…

Journal your currency trades.

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